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The 7 Deadly Sins of Customer Success


Our product is amazing and creates phenomenal results for customers.

TRUTH: Technology doesn't produce results, customer behavior change produces results and technology makes it possible and scalable.


The purpose of Customer Success is to get customers to renew their subscriptions.

TRUTH: Customer Success exists to ensure customers get good results with your product. You have to earn their renewal by delivering value.


The key is to satisfy customers by making them feel good about the experience.

TRUTH: Transactional experiences don't lead to long-term relationships. Customer Bonding is the outcome of real results, not temporary feelings.


Our competitors are way better than us and we need to imitate what they are doing.

TRUTH: Focus on your customers, not your competitors. Things always look good from the outside but are often not as they appear. Imitation leads to mediocrity.


It's all about the dollars (NRR), so we don't need to worry about logo retention.

TRUTH: SaaS growth is entirely about account expansion (small accounts getting bigger). The problem is, you can't expand accounts you no longer have.


The problem is my customers. It's their own fault that they're not getting results.

TRUTH: Customers fail because they don't change their behavior. But blaming them is pointless because it's ultimately our responsibility to teach them how to win.


My job is to be responsive. I don't need to do anything for "healthy" customers.

TRUTH: By the time you're aware a customer is in trouble it's already too late. The winning approach is hard work: proactively drive customer behavior change for results.

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