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Stop Studying Failure!

You can't learn to make customers SUCCESSFUL by studying FAILED customers

Think about it -->

The most popular method for analyzing churn is the Exit Survey. But it's a trap! Why?

It seems obvious that if we…

• Ask customers why they churned,

• Identify the most common reasons, and

• Fix the big problems

...then surely fewer customers will churn!

But that's not what happens.

It doesn't work.

Churn never goes down.

This drove me crazy. I couldn’t understand why this doesn't work.

I eventually discovered the answer which is based on this one simple truth:

**Customers don't leave because they have a reason to leave. They leave when they no longer have a compelling reason to stay.**

As long as we focus on our FAILED customers, we will never understand why customers SUCCEED.

What we need to understand is not why customers leave. We need to know...


That's why we need to STOP STUDYING FAILURE --> and start STUDYING SUCCESS!

So, how can you do that?

Begin by focusing on your most successful customers. These are the customers who are getting results - NOT necessarily the "happy" customers.

Get them on a call and explore with them:

- What results are important to them?

- How do they measure success?

- What did they DO to get results?

I think you'll find that, although your customers are very different in many ways, there are just a few behaviors they share in common that are essential to getting good results with your product.

This is powerful knowledge: understanding how customers achieve results. I call it: CUSTOMER EXPERTISE.

And this expertise is your most valuable asset because it's what drives customer results. And customer results drive retention!

The Second Law of Customer Retention says that:

Customers achieve results because they change their behavior.

Armed with this powerful expertise, you're now in a position to help all your customers get results by teaching them what they need to DO to win!


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