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Sell Results NOT Features

One of the biggest sources of customer churn is selling features rather than results.

Most of the customers who buy because of features will ultimately leave because features are not a compelling reason to stay.

● Features often fail to live up to expectations creating instant disillusionment.

● Features change constantly, and there's always something better out there.

• MOST IMPORTANTLY: Features don't motivate customers to make the behavior changes necessary to get results. And when they don't get results, they leave.

Does this mean you can't promote your product's amazing features? Of course not!


1) Structure your Marketing messaging and Sales approach to focus the customer's attention on their key results.

2) Then show them how they can leverage your product's amazing features to achieve those results!

Customers will win when they understand how your features drive their results because it motivates them to change and ultimately achieve compelling results.

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