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Does customer adoption lead to customer results, or is it the other way around?

Obviously customers won't get results unless they make use of the new solution.

But that just begs another question: Why don't all customers adopt the new solution? Why do some customers take it on with gusto while others just don't?

► Pushing adoption often feels like pushing a piece of string: at some point, the customer has to pick it up and pull! ◀︎

So why do some go from a little bit of initial adoption to a lot? That's where results come in. →

What motivates broad and deep adoption is results: Either customers are seeing results, or they strongly believe they will soon see results.

And that's why I say that customer adoption is the OUTCOME of customer results rather than the cause.

Clearly customers have to at least start using it first - and the vast majority do.

But what ultimately motivates customers to go from that first little bit to widespread adoption is the sense of progress and improvement that comes from seeing results.

The outcome is magic and you've probably seen it many times. It's when your product seems to "go viral" inside the customer.

The key to driving this dynamic is getting the customer as quickly as possible to some kind of measurable result, or clear evidence that they are going to get that result. Show them their results - even if they are very minimal - and teach them how to expand them by driving adoption.

Pushing doesn't push adoption, success pulls adoption.


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