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NPS is not useful for subscription companies!

🍿Watch me demolish NPS in 7 minutes ↓

I recently participated in a LinkedIn Live debate on NPS hosted by Lihong Hicken (CEO of TheySaid).


1️⃣ The vital question: IS NPS USEFUL?

2️⃣ Research reveals ZERO relationship between NPS and customer lifespan.

3️⃣ By far, the best predictor of customer retention is customer RESULTS.

4️⃣ NPS does not correlate with customer results.

5️⃣ NPS is NOT USEFUL to subscription companies!

🎦 Click below to watch my take-down of NPS


We won the debate poll (narrowly)!

The "Blue Team," also included Dave Jackson and Manil Vasantha, and we faced an uphill battle against an audience that preferred NPS in a pre-debate poll.

The "Red Team," including Bill Cushard, Adam Mullen, and Colby Bock expertly defended NPS and made some insightful points!

This outcome proves the tide is turning (a little bit!) against the old ways and toward the new era of Customer Results Led Growth!


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