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IAM CX Podcast - The 4 Playbooks of Customer Loyalty, It’s Simpler than you think!

March 6, 2024

Dive Into SaaS Mastery with Greg Daines on the IAM CX Podcast!

Join us for a groundbreaking episode as we chat with SaaS wizard Greg Daines, CEO of ChurnRX. Known as "the churn doctor," Greg is the go-to expert on slashing customer churn and sparking sustainable growth.

This episode, "The Four Playbooks of Customer Loyalty," promises to revolutionize your approach to customer loyalty. With his unique blend of experience and insight, Greg challenges the norms, armed with pioneering research and strategies for solid growth. With top-tier credentials from MIT and Cambridge, Greg's expertise extends beyond theory. As a celebrated speaker, writer, and consultant, he's reshaping how we think about customer success and SaaS innovation.

Prepare for a session filled with aha moments as we unpack customer loyalty secrets and explore how to turn customer experience into your growth engine.


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