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Customer Success Playbook Episode 8 - Greg Daines - 23 Ways to Reduce Churn

Greg Daines is the founder and CEO of He holds multiple advanced degrees in business and economics from MIT and Cambridge University. This episode is a discussion about Greg's ebook 23 Ways to Reduce Churn in 2023.


Discussion Points

  • Greg emphasizes that business has fundamentally changed and old ideas about customer retention no longer work.

  • He mentions that customer success at scale is challenging and even seemingly similar customers can have different outcomes.

Key Insights

  • Greg stresses the importance of data in justifying best practices for customer retention.

  • He criticizes commonly used metrics like churn rates, stating that they are often distorted and don't provide a clear picture.

Final Thoughts

  • The episode aims to provide actionable insights for customer success professionals, with Greg's eBook serving as a resource for reducing churn in various stages of the customer lifecycle.


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