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The REAL Sales Conversation

Most salespeople misunderstand what conversation they are having with prospects, and this impacts both sales success and churn. How?

Most salespeople think their job is to convince prospects that their solution is the best and produces terrific results. But prospects already believe that or they wouldn't be talking to you.

► The real sales conversation is whether the solution will produce results FOR THEM! ◀︎

Buyers tend to be acutely aware of their own organization's problems even if they don't talk about them openly. What they are looking for is evidence that they will get good results IN SPITE of these real problems and limitations.


To win their business, shift to addressing their REAL question by showing them specifically how THEY will get results. →

  1. Demonstrate that you understand their situation.

  2. Walk them through how your company's expertise and services will be applied to get THEM results.

  3. Share an example of how a company like theirs followed this process and got great results.


This approach not only drives higher conversion but also reduces churn because these customers are far more likely to engage with your process and change their behavior in ways that lead to great results.

Customer results drive customer retention.


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