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How do you get customers to change?

NEW VIDEO→ We can’t rely on customers to know what to do to get results. But These 3 Things Make It Possible...

1. We are in a unique position to see how the most successful customers do it. They don’t have that same perspective, and it’s extraordinarily valuable to them.

That’s why it’s so important to study our most successful customers closely. We need to understand exactly what they did to get results so we can teach it to ALL our customers.

2. We don’t need to focus on everything successful customers do, just the things that bring FIRST RESULTS.

Our data shows that most churn comes from customers who achieved NO results. Therefore, helping those customers start getting their first small results is the BIG opportunity!

So start by identifying and teaching the most basic initial customer behaviors that drive the first results. After that, then we can teach more advanced behaviors to continually improve their results.

3. We can demonstrate clearly how their behavior will impact the results. We are not limited to simply telling them what they have to do, but we can put it in the context of what they are trying to achieve. That's the key to motivating customer behavior change.

REMEMBER: Change is hard, and showing our customers exactly what they need to do to improve their results is essential to motivate them

Watch the full video:


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