About Me


  • Business has fundamentally changed.

  • The old ideas no longer work, and therefore the old rules don't apply.

  • Conventional methods produce conventional results (which are not good enough).

  • All the power is in doing things differently, and in going against the prevailing mindset.


Hi, I’m Greg Daines, company founder, SaaS executive, enterprise sales and customer success enthusiast, and disturber of the status quo. I started this blog because my experience in business has taught me that conventional ideas simply do not drive superior results. More often than not, its actually the counter-intuitive ideas that have the real power. This blog is my place to share these powerful ideas and to engage with others out there who have done amazing things.

What I do

I identify disruptive opportunities for growth and put the results to work transforming companies every day. The starting point is breaking out of conventional mindsets. Today's "best practices" already don't produce the best results, and are destined to be discarded tomorrow. What I bring are radically different ideas that challenge the status quo. The results are breakthroughs.

In my professional life, I spend my time doing 3 things:

  1. As a consultant I work closely with companies to radically accelerate growth through my company, Client Velocity.

  2. As a speaker and writer, I uncover and share the unconventional ideas and techniques that drive phenomenal outcomes.
 Please contact us below with speaker inquiries.

  3. As an entrepreneur I start and grow SaaS/B2B companies with the potential to transform their customers’ results.

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